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Nail prep 2M

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Nail Prep:

Dehydrating, PH balancing nail preparation fluid. It is essential for nail polish preparation, both for gel polish and built-in nails, be it gel or porcelain. It should be allowed to dry before applying the primer, but in a few moments it will remove moisture from the nail surface and evaporate. Where the natural nail plate remains shiny, it's still greasy, so you still have to grate it on that part. Does not require lampshading. 

Nail prep is available in brush form and is available in 13 ml bottle. 

Store at room temperature away from sunlight. Keep away from children's reach!

The order of preparative fluids: 
1. nail prep- Dehydrating and PH balancing. 
2. ( Acid primer- adhesion promoter. Degreasing. Recommended for problem nails.) 

2. acid free primer- Degreasing. OR bond- Extra strong adhesion promoter.

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